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Portin my cell number from Rogers to Koodo

  • 14 October 2021
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I have attempted multiple times to port my telephone number. It was set up for my wife but under my account at rogers. I have tried every combination of my name and her name and using  ime number. All I get is opps. From a Kiosk I set up for a call back. I got no call back.  Of course I need to use a non koodo number since we are instructed to not replace the sim card until the number is ported. maybe that is why I did not get a call back I am frustrated beyond belief.

I have tried to communicate with Koodo by email. How do I do this?


The self serve port does not work under every conceivable variation

3 replies

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Hello @WayneY 

We have sent you a PM, please check it out when you can so we can further assist. Thanks! 

Where is the PM?

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Where is the PM?

If you click on your community profile you should see a spot for private messages