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Paying off Tab S & changing plan?

  • 22 March 2016
  • 5 replies

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Tab S. There's only $2.71 left on my tab & I want to pay it off. When I try paying it off using Self Serve, it says
Before you pay off your Tab balance of -2.71 you have to agree to the Tab Changes.
I cannot find any information that helps explain what Tab Changes occur, does anyone know?

Also, I'll be keeping the phone & likely changing to a Talk & Text plan that's cheaper than the $50.00 + taxes I've been using as I don't use the phone enough to justify over $600. a year for a phone that sees limited use.

5 replies

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Hi Ed,

The tab changes is bassically that you will no longer be able to get a Koodo contribution meaning that yoiu won't be accumulating any more positive credit even if you remain on your current plan.
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Hi Ed! Mathieu is right! My suggestion would be to not pay off the Tab for now, as next month you'll start accumulating positive Tab points that will help you with your next phone purchase! Is there a specific reason for which you wish to pay off your Tab?
Thanks for the info Mathieu, appreciate your assistance.

Anna, I'm not really interested in accumulating positive Tab points.
The phone I have (mentioned in my first post) does way more than I need already & I see no point in buying another phone for as long as the one I have works. It's only a bit over a year old & one would think a phone should work several years, especially for my needs (talk & text).
As this was my first cell phone, I've learned my needs are pretty basic & I bought way more phone than I needed. When it comes time to buy another, I know all I'll need is a pretty basic phone that I'll pay for in full at time of purchase.
Thanks though for the reply.