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Ordering a newer phone & rate plan - Clarification about possible new SIM

  • 1 December 2019
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Hey All.  

Simple, really:  

I have a garbage phone and I’m ordering myself a slightly newer phone and switching rate plans etc. No biggie. 

The new phone, I’m 99% sure, has the same SIM size I’m currently using.

My cell is my only available phone, so I guess I’m simply double checking that when I order this phone & rate plan, my current phone will stay active until it arrives as I’m also assuming I’ll just be putting my current SIM card into the new phone?   Is that right?   Is a real simple question, I realize, but nowhere is this actually written down.

I just need to be triple sure that something silly won’t be happening, like:  activating a new SIM on their end before sending it to me, and hence taking my phone off the grid until the new one gets here.  


Thanks for your time and patience. 

1 reply

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Yes, your current phone will stay active even after your new phone arrived.

And, yes you can use current SIM card into the new phone if it's same size :)