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Ordering a new phone, transferring existing number with another carrier

  • 12 June 2020
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Hi, I have a KOODO account for my kid’s phones.  I’d like to order a phone for myself via Self Serve, transferring my current phone number that is currently with another carrier to this new phone with Koodo. WIll my current number keep working with my old carrier until the new phone arrives?  I am in business and need my phone for work.  


My wife would like to transfer to my KOODO account too, by ordering a new phone as well.  I see where I can only order one phone per account though?  Do I have to wait until the first phone arrives in order to add one for my wife??



2 replies

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First ting is to remember to refer yourselves.  make sure you read all the steps and do it in order or it will disqualify you.



If you are just adding a line to the kid’s account (postpaid), then you can go online and just add a phone and say it is for a new line.  Say you are bringing your number over.  Koodo will create a new line under a new temporary number.  Then when the sim and new phone arrives, you can log into self serve and port your number over.  This way you are never without your phone number to use during the order processing and shipping time.


Then you can repeat and do the same for your wife.  Dont forget the refer a friend for her either.

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Regarding the question about adding another line, there was a restriction on it. There was a report that you would have to visit a Koodo kiosk or retail (bestbuy, Walmart, etc.) to add another line if your account was new (under 90 days, if I recall correctly). However, I am not sure if that rule still apply in this covid19 situation. You could try to add another line yourself in selfserve and see if that order goes through. If it doesn’t, then the restriction is still in place.