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Lots of problems with my new Koodo account. Any ideas/feedback as to what is going on is helpful.

Went into store and activated new Koodo SIM
Went home to setup online account, but got some strange error about "5 password resets account has been locked"
Looked on Community and find there is some sort of general outage so I do not worry

A day later I try again, it works and I register my account (I NEVER unlocked my account)

Then I get an email from Koodo saying someone is adding themselves to my account under Role Management but I needed to approve them first
I go to Role Management planning to deny them but website again not working

After a few days of not working + others here saying it does work I call in
According to Koodo other person is now linked on my account (how???)

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Hi Shawn,

As for someone who added themselves to your account, there is a possibility that you might of created a second self serve account by mistake, and it sent you an email saying that. 

If it has already been a couple of days, then contact Koodo using *611 from your mobile phone. Your self serve account might of gotten a little confused. You will not be charged for this call.
Yes I did call Koodo and they erased my online profile and said create a new one

No it was not me creating 2 names, a second person with a random name (Randeep Gil) somehow added themselves to my account

I changed my password, pin and security questions but I was really suspicious how they added themselves to a brand new account 

Koodo telephone has no answers; the only *THEORY* I have is that since this is a new phone number *maybe* Randeep had the same phone number with Koodo before I did... if I see anything again I will get Koodo to change my phone number next

Website STILL is not working properly though so I am getting a bit frustrated at this point...

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Hi Shawn,

Did you call Customer Service (611) in order to get your issue resolved? Let us know 🙂 Thanks!