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Not Allowing Me to Change Rate Plan

  • 18 April 2020
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I bought a new phone a month ago and had to change my plan. There is a better plan available now but it still won’t let me change my plan, even though it is a new billing cycle. I bought the phone on March 17th and my billing cycle started again today.


Best answer by Bernard Koodo 19 April 2020, 15:07

@jjonc You are all set up with the new plan!

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4 replies

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@jjonc Can you pls share a screenshot of the error you are seeing? 

@Bernard Koodo I tried to change it within a few days of getting the phone, then waited 2 weeks, then waited until it was the next Billing Cycle, and I keep getting the same error message.

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@jjonc You are all set up with the new plan!

Great!! Thank you so much for your help @Bernard Koodo 

I just logged in and it is showing the new plan :)