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No confirmation text when Porting number

  • 3 March 2021
  • 4 replies

Got my Koodo sim card today, so I went through the self-serve to port my old number. I never received a confirmation text and I tried porting about 4 hours ago. Self-serve is showing my old number as my new Koodo number, but my old service is still active. 

4 replies

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Who is your old service with? 

Does your new koodo sim work and display your ported number? 

Does your old carrier's sim work and also display your old number you want to port? 

Old service is with Rogers. I just put the Koodo sim in 2 minutes ago and it works and shows my old number. Old Rogers sim still shows old number and works too. 

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That's weird. 


Let's see how things end up tomorrow morning. Hopefully the port will either fully go through or revert itself by then (as the Rogers sim should have gotten a port verification confirmation text) 

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You won't get a confirmation text. You'll get the original text asking you to say yes or no. After that you'll have to wait a bit. Your service with the previous provider will no longer be. Once you see that you have no service with previous provider you're ok to switch sim cards. Found that out last night when cancelling my Koodo service going to Rogers.

I was told to wait three minutes for a confirmation text that never came. Noticed I had no service with Koodo so I then put my Rogers sim card in. And bobs your uncle you now have your old phone number back