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new user unable to register

  • 28 August 2021
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“our phone number and postal code don’t match, please try again. The postal code should be the same as your billing address on file with Koodo.” 

I do not have a file with Koodo because i am new and trying to register/make a new account. wut…?

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3 replies

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When you registered for Koodo, did you use the credit card under your name and the address of it match the address you entered earlier? 

clicking register now sends me to the Koodo assist chat window thing  it hovers on the right side of the screen. That thing tries to register me but it saying my phone number and postal don’t match their file... when i am trying to make a brand new account...

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That step is only for customer who already bought a SIM or phone from Koodo. You can't use that to create your selfserve account if you didn't. 

To register for a Koodo postpaid service, you can follow this https://www.koodomobile.com/switch