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New self serve - How to turn on international roaming

In the new self serve, I can't figure out how to get to the add-ons. We are travelling this week, and I need to turn on international roaming. I am only seeing options to change my plan. Down at the bottom of the page it says: What’s new with Self Serve? Now you can turn on/off data usage alerts to your phone Soon, you will be able to buy a roaming add-on Does this mean I can't currently turn on roaming?

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If you're not given the option of add roaming add ons via self serve then you'll need to call Koodo and ask them to add the options for you. . Since you can't add it yourself they shouldn't charge you to do it.
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Hello LM

Actually it is possible to add those add ons via self serve. Just log in to your account and click on the account details. After, click on the 3 stripes and then phone sevices. Here's a picture to help

Then you will have these options

Ok, mine looked a little bit different than yours, but I found it. After clicking on Phone services, I had to select one of the two phones on the account, and it brought up a screen with "your current plan" and "change my plan" below that. But then at the bottom on that screen, it had a section that said "can't find what you're looking for? try one of these links". From there I could select "Add-ons" and it took me to the options you showed above. Thanks for your help!!
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No problem. Have a nice day