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If I want a basic pre-paid plan, for a few calls and a few texts/month, would the basic $15 +$5 add on seem like the best way to go? Do I provide a phone or do you?

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I can't comment on whether or not that plan is right for you but I can give you the following advice: 1. It's entirely up to you if you want to buy a phone from Koodo or bring your own phone. 2. If you buy a phone from Koodo, your SIM card should be free, otherwise prepaid SIMs are $20 (though last I checked this included a $20 service credit). If you are thinking about bringing your phone, make sure that it is UNLOCKED and compatible. Here's a guide I wrote regarding compatibility: http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/a_guide_to_bringing_your_own_phone_to_koodo
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Hi Marj, you'll find more information about our prepaid plans and boosters on this link: http://koo.do/PjuSbU. We hope to welcome you soon in the Koodo family!