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New Koodo Customer - "Waiting to be approved at self serve login"

  • 18 July 2020
  • 2 replies

I just received my SIM card in the mail as I am a brand new Koodo Customer. However when I try to log into my self-serve (to try and change over my number from my old phone) I get a message saying “Waiting to be approved by account holder” but I am the account holder and am unable to log into anything. 

Please HELP!

also: I have tried to just change my password many times like the chat asks to do, however that does not help. 

2 replies

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Did you try to create by clicking on the activation email from Koodo? That error normally appeared if you tried to create an account before the activation email arrived or you once were a Koodo customer.

Anyway, You could try to reset the account with their digital assistant first. Go here www.koodo.com/chat and type “I cannot access my account”, it will ask you for your account number (which is the number in your agreement). Hopefully it will be able to reset email for you. If not, you would need a rep to be involved.

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I managed to find your account in the system and I sent you the link in order to complete your Self serve account registration. Before trying, please try to clear cache and cookies.


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