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  • 14 February 2021
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I have recently moved back to Canada and am trying to get a Canadian phone plan. I am not an existing customer but I do have a phone from a family member who was a koodo customer (so there are no issues regarding unlocking the phone). I was curious as to how I set up an account. When I try to do it online it asks me for my phone number (which I do not have because I just moved back). It seems that I cannot register for an account  without a phone number but I need an account in order to obtain a phone number. 

Another question is how do I get my SIM card. WIll it be mailed to me? Or is there some place I can pick it up?

Thank-you in advance to whoever takes the time to respond to this.


1 reply

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It asks for an alternative phone number in case they need to contact you - a family member or friend’s number would do :)

As for the SIM card, yes if you successfully activate your plan online, the SIM will be mailed to you.