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  • 23 December 2020
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@Bernard Koodo Thank you, that would be great. Does it have to be my wife? If not. Please contact me anytime today. My number is the same as my wife’s except the last digit is 7 instead of 8.

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@booch Per our discussion today someone will reach out you later tomorrow evening.  

@booch Per our discussion today someone will reach out you later tomorrow evening.  

@Bernard Koodo Thank you for your ongoing help!! Have a great night.

@booch I am watching this with interest, as I am having a similar issue.  I signed up fine, but my wife was rejected.  Please tell me, did you use the same credit card account (maybe different cards, but the same account)?  

@Bernard Koodo Hi there, it’s been a while since we last chatted but I finally received my SIM card in the mail today. I did speak to a rep to add a line to my wife’s account but I am sort of lost at the moment. When I go into my/our account there is no reference to my new line only my wife’s. Not sure what to do next? Do I simply insert the new SIM card in my phone? Where is the information and rate plan that the rep added for me on my wife’s account? And finally how do I proceed to port my old number over? Thanks for your help.

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Let me take a look into this. 

Any insights @JohnM Koodo @Bernard Koodo ? Thanks

Any insights @JohnM Koodo @Bernard Koodo ? Thanks

I would like to request a call back regarding this thread. Prefer to speak to @Bernard Koodo but if not possible someone who will review thoroughly this thread and the notes on my account. I’m available all day today.  Please review notes above and use the *57* number to reach me. Very frustrated. Thanks.

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I will reach out to a customer service representative manager to have someone contact you.

@JohnM Koodo Can you kindly set an approximate expectation for a callback? Thanks