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Need to get access to my email address to use on new account

  • 5 October 2020
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A couple months ago I had to cancel my Koodo home phone (we moved, and cell service is almost non-existent). I still have a (negative) ~8.00 balance owed to me. I can see this account and log in, but I can no longer edit the profile to change the email address that I used for the account.

I also had a Prepaid cell service with Koodo, but because of the bad cell coverage in my area I decided to go postpaid so that I can use WiFi Calling.

Everything is working, my phone number has been transferred, etc. The only problem is that I had to use an old email address to create my Self Serve account for the new Post Paid setup. I’d like to change that to my primary email account, but it is still linked to the home phone account.

How can I get the email address situation cleared up but also not lose the credit on the cancelled home phone account?

Thanks, Byron

2 replies

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Send a private message to Koodo via Facebook messenger or dm via Twitter. Describe your situation and ask for help to resolve your email situation and obtain your $8 balance.

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You could also try to go here www.koodo.com/chat and type “I cannot access my selfserve”, It will ask you your new account number (in your service agreement). If that doesn’t help, you would have to contact Koodo directly as nim4156 mentioned.