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Need Help Now Not Letting me do anything

  • 17 November 2014
  • 2 replies

Im the owner of my account and when i signed up for online i cant do anything. all i can do is change my e-mail,password,secret question. What am i doing wrong ??? when i signed up it didnt ask me for my pin or postal code

2 replies

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From the sounds of it, you set yourself up as an account manager, not as the owner. Owner has complete access through self serve, but a manager of the account only has partial access. In this case it is best to call koodo customer service to have them change your permissions on the account. It is best if you call and you are by your computer so the agent can walk you through everything, to make sure that there are no problems while you are still on the phone.
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Did you use a different email than what you gave the folks when you bought your phone?