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need assistance changing to koodos limited time $50/month 2gb plan (same plan as i currently have but $10 cheaper

i was in a koodo today and saw that until June 6 i can switch to the limited time plan of $50/month for the same 2gb plan that i currently have. The man working there told me it was the last day and told me its easiest to switch to this plan online, however after signing on to my self serve account this plan was nowhere to be found online. I tried calling koodo but its closed now and i'll be quite upset if i miss out on the plan's reduced price because of what I was told to do and the mobile customer service being closed

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The plan is for customers who are upgrading a phone or getting a new line. U could try calling tomorrow and explaining ur situation but it can't be done via self serve.
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I also contacted Koodo and they told me that $50 plan includes 2 GB and only 500 min.
They are not quite matching with virgin's promo .. 😕