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My rate changed today? Was hoping to take advantage of sales and this resets the 33 day wait...

  • 22 November 2021
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I “changed” my plan rate on October 21st (selected the same rate I was paying but it was now more data) but that rate currently has an even better offer. I’m just days away from running out the 33 day wait clock to reselect the better offer and I see there’s a transaction on my account for today for a plan rate change. It decreased $5, which is great, but the data stays the same and in 3 more days I could have got 50% more data. What do I do? 

5 replies

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I am not sure if I understand the situation. You changed your plan last month Oct21? (30day ago?). Today you saw another change? Did you do it or someone else? If possible can you post a snapshot of it here (hide/delete all personal information before posting please).

On October 21 I “changed” my plan to the 8GB at $55 plan. I had already been paying $55 but fewer GBs. 

Today, November 21, the transactions page on my self service portal says I changed my rate again to 8GB at $50. This account is only my husband and I and the change has been applied to both lines, but I didn’t do it and he doesn’t even know how to login to the account. 

I’m not upset about the lower rate, but in 3-4 more days I would have been past the 33 days waiting period from the October plan change and been able to, if the deal is still on then, change to 12GB for $50. Now I think my 33-day wait clock has reset to 0? 

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Did you receive any email saying you changed your plan today? If you didn't, I don't think the system or someone changed it. There might be some confusion when you looked into the account change history. (that was why I adked you for a screenshot previously)

Here’s what my account’s transaction history looks like:


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Oh, everything is normal. If you look into the effective date, it said oct 21 2021. It was the way Koodo display their information. You don't have to worry about it.