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my cellular connection

Please turn on my cellular connection for my phone number 289 456 4655

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You have been posting messages about turning on/off cellular data for days now, what EXACTLY is the problem you’re having? We’re humans here, not robots...

I need my cellular connection turned on for my number 289 456 4655 please and thank you

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We have gone through this before… we don’t know what your problem is. Why is it switched off?

BTW you never answered @rikkster’s questions:

Do you have a Koodo SIM card installed in your phone?

Did your service work before? (on Koodo)

Did you get suspended for payment issues?

Are you a new customer?

We need more information. Please answer the questions above.

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@nicolasworshipper27 If you would rather speak with a Koodo customer rep privately, please send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or a direct message via Twitter. Unfortunately, we do not have access to customer accounts in this community and we have no way of turning on your cellular connection. 

https://www.facebook.com/Koodo or https://twitter.com/koodo

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@nicolasworshipper27 That line is cancelled. Best to talk to the account owner. They will be able to tell you exactly why.