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My cell phone comes up as private number ?

My cell phone comes up as private number can I get that changed to unknown name or just my number?

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You would need to change your call display settings to show your number. This would be somewhere in the call settings on your phone. It's hard to say exactly where without knowing the model of phone you have.
I have a Samsung galaxy s5 neo
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Look in your call settings for a line similar to this:

Haven't been able to find that
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You can decide to hide your caller identification when calling somebody. This will ensure that the person receiving your call won’t be able to see your phone number and name. Note that when sending text messages your caller identification will not be hidden.

1. Press Phonexc → Menu cc → Settings → Call → More settings.

2. Once the current settings are displayed, Press Caller ID

3. Chose Hide Number to hide your caller identification and Network default to go back to your regular settings. Source : http://www.samsung.com/ca/support/skp...