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Mobile data turned off by provider!!

  • 2 September 2021
  • 11 replies

I am constantly getting notifications that my mobile data has been temporarily turned off by provider. I get phone calls and can search on internet but the constant notification is annoying (every couple of seconds). I cannot search anything on the self serve app either regarding data usage or what the issue may be.

11 replies

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It says for me:

No mobile data service
Temporarily turned off by your operator

Same its annoying and it won't stop popping up 

What is going on. Is this getting fixed

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What is going on. Is this getting fixed

As shown in my picture above, there is a service outage and they're actively working to restore it.

My family got paranoid, thought we didn’t pay our bills. ugh

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Things should be back up and running. 


If you are still having issues, please try restarting your phone 

Still no network in Kelowna, came back up about an hour ago now dead again, tried restarting phone

My wife has Virgin phone, that was out this morning with the Telus network but hers is working now & my Koodo is dead again. This is my work phone & potentially losing me a fortune if only Koodo is out

Service is back again now, hopefully stays up.

The service on my end is not back up I've been trying countlessly throughout the day to get a hold of Koodo people but they're called back Services don't even work because my f****** phone is turned off I can't make or receive phone calls text messages or listen to voicemail what am I paying for.