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I go in self serve to check my pass history of who I text with and notice that it only shows in my area code of my region. I have friends from Toronto and Ottawa that I text with and it does not show at all their numbers in my Messaging history beside looking at my phone. Why is that? why does my Messaging history show only my area code of people that I have text with. Example: I am in Montreal and will only show me the area code of Montreal of people that I have text and vice versa. But none shows people from Ottawa or Toronto at all.

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Hi John,

Whenever I go online in self serve under usage, I am able to the the full phone number from which I received or sent a text message to... How are you trying to access it?
Hi Mathieu, yes I do see the numbers of people that I have text back and forth but NOT from outside my region. I see all phone numbers from my region and not from people i have text to Montreal or Ottawa or even friends i text with in France. It does not keep record of people I text with from outside my area code. Weird? or is it made to be like that in which i find it strange.