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Going around in circles trying to see my bill....keeps saying need to enter new email address, change password. Can't get past this stage

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Hi there Donna... I will suggest you at this point to contact Customer Service, they will either send you a temporary password to gain access again, or they can also delete the profile, re-created for you and then you will receive an e-mail to set it up again and fur sure it will work... Make sure you don't hang up without having your Self Serve account up and running... Enjoy!
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I'd recommend when you call that you have them stay on the line with you until it's settled. They might not like it at first but it'll prevent you calling them back. Explain it to them that way & they'll hopefully hang in there with you.
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Guys, you have seen these type of posts over and over again. Isn't the issue here that she gave a different email address at the time of activation than what she is trying to log in with? Or if not that than it's the fact that she has not been assigned as the account owner just the manager? Do people really have to call in for this? Can they not straighten this out themselves?