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login email issue

  • 14 February 2021
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I was unable to access my self serve so I press the forgot password. The email never send ever and bow when I do it it says to check my junk. I unfortunately never received an email and can not ask for a new one to be send. Help.


Best answer by Goran 14 February 2021, 21:02

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7 replies

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So, you checked your junk mail folder and there was nothing from Koodo?

When was the last time you logged in to your account?

Was your account active during these time?  And you have a postpaid or prepaid account? 

If you have a prepaid and it wasn't active for more than 90 days, then your account is likely closed.

I looked in my junk and nothing.

I am on a monthly payment, I've never had this issue before. I don't log in often its probably been a few months. 

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If you keep seeing nothing then you’ll need to send a message to Koodo via FB Messenger or DM via Twitter to get assistance in this matter.

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Sometimes it is because the email address is not registered to any self serve account. Are you sure you have the good email?

Yes I do. I have sent a confirmation email to my email but I never received it and when I try to resent it it says to look at the junk that they can't send a new one.

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Were you able to regain the access to your self serve account?

Yes.. I just keep trying password until I got it right. Never received the email to reset my password.