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I cannot log into my self serve account. Tells me my email is already being used. Can you help?

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Hi Pauline, You will probably need to call Koodo (*611) to sort out your login... we're all volunteers and have no access to your account 🙂
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Hi there Pauline... Most likely there is a profile that was created before using your e-mail address, you will have to give Koodo a call, Customer Service will be able to help you out... I would recommend u to ask if the e-mail is associated to another account, or if it is only that it was previously used to create a profile on your existing account... Either way, It is better to delete whatever profile is associated to your e-mail, and then create another one from scratch... They will send you another email to create a profile, it will be as simple as following the instructions to gain access again... Call *611 or 1-866-995-6636