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  • 29 July 2020
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What number can I call to get in touch with a live person? Their chat now option is not helpful for me.

4 replies

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@Bre123  You can always request a callback via our chat. That said I see you are looking for a refurbished iPhone. The current inventory has the below:


They do change when we get more unit back so worth checking, or just simply taking the SE.  Did this help? 

Thank you that is helpful! I also purchased a Samsung phone and I think I prefer apple and I’m looking into possibly returning it. I also changed my plan over 14 days ago and it wont let me change it again. Any help?

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@Bre123 Looks like you bought the phone earlier this month. Depending on where you bought it return policy may vary. As far as your rate plan pls send us a direct message on facebook so we can authenticate your account and help out.