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Landlord pays all my bills on his Cr. Card I pay him lump sum monthly. Koodo won't take his Cr. Card cus name not same.

My credit card info is not the same as my own as my landlord pays all my bills with his Mastercard and I pay him a lump sum every month however koodo will not allow me to pay my bill what do I do

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There's nothing you can do other than change your account into his name which costs $35 for a transfer of ownership or you can pay it yourself through your bank account or your own credit card.
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Paul "Kid Android" Deschamps wrote:

There's nothing you can do other than change your account into his name which costs $35 for a tra...

Hi Paul, a transfer of ownership costs $25 🙂 Thank you! 
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Hello Cortney The other solution is to set up for monthly payments with Koodo if you don't want the hassle of paying it yourself
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Why would koodo care who pays the bill? I can pay other bills that are not in my name with my credit cards.
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The reason that Koodo cares is because it protects the customer and credit card owner. It also protects Koodo.
I am not saying that this is happening in this case, but as an example...A customer finds a credit card on the street (maybe a lost wallet by someone for example), and decides to pay his bill with this credit card. This would be theft obviously...so it is protecting the credit card owner by not taking a payment from this card, it saves the customer from being charged with theft, and it saves Koodo from having to return the money.
This sounds as if it is an easy process - it is not. For that one payment of $35 on a stolen credit card, means many months of investigation and reimbursement and eventually being charged.
I believe that the card can be registered on the account, which means that they go through a process to get approval to use that card to pay the account. By talking with customer service or payment services, you can probably set that up.
Another option is that once you get the bill, you can pay it through online banking, or set it up for direct debit where it comes out of your bank account once a month. I personally do it through online banking because I am not good at keeping track of which day it comes out, so when I get a text message of how much I owe, I leave the text on my phone (to remind me), until it is paid off, and then delete the text.
I hope that this helps
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Paying at a financial institution is the easiest way. But here are all of Koodo's bill payment options: http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/billing-and-payment-options/how-can-i-pay-my-bill
we actually tried for 2 hours to register his cr. card online so that this is no longer an issue . The client care rep. spoke to both myself and my landlord for over an hour and he still would not allow him to reg. his card AGAIN due to him having a different last name than myself. Also tried to use prepay visa also nope. Then at the end of all that I received a random $15.00 charge to pre paid visa ???

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Cortney Davies wrote:

we actually tried for 2 hours to register his cr. card online so that this is no longer an issue ...

Hi there, the card wouldn't work at all, unless begin verified for approval, as explained by Dave earlier in this thread. To have it verified, you must call us and we'll fill in a form with the card's info. This verification process takes a few business days. Note that it could be rejected. Thank you!
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Nomatter how many times or how long you try it can't be done, your only options are those options stated by ppl above. Do you have a visa debit card for your bank, if so you can input that into the credit card option.