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Landline to Koodo - more than 2 days

  • 29 June 2019
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Set up my new Koodo phone on Wednesday using a number they provided. Used self serve to port my landline number (which I did not cancel) to Koodo. Process went as expected, but it's been a full 48 hours and my landline is still operational. Outgoing calls and text from my mobile show the landline number, but incoming calls to the number still go to the landline.

Most of the Q&A and forum posts say the porting takes up to 2 business days.

When I try to manage my phone number in my account it says "Almost there! You'll be getting this number soon."

Is it normal that it's taking longer than two days?

3 replies

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NNot normal but it can happen so just give it a little more time them contact Koodo after 4 or 5 days
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Landline ports tend to take longer than the wireless to wireless ports. It's quite nornal.to take upwards of 5 business days to complete a port from a Landline.