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Koodo treat customer like garbage

  • 7 April 2021
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I used Koodo since 2017 and it had been a long time. Recently I came back to my hometown. I try to received messages by easy roam. It never worked. After realizing this I want to stop easy roam and changed to seasonal hold. It said I should schedule a call back or contact by Facebook. I already left and cannot received a call back. I tried all customer service number, nobody answered. I tried to reach Koodo not only by Facebook but also by Twitter. Nobody answered. I felt so disappointed right now. I cannot find myself a reason to stay with Koodo.

1 reply

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Koodo's Facebook team is not a live chat. They typically respond within a few hours though. (Note that messaging them again before you've received an answer will result in your message moving to the back of the queue).