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Koodo Call back is terrible. I need to speak to an agent

  • 22 November 2022
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My son lost his phone a week or so ago, so i purchase a grade A refurb from koodo and suspended his phone using self serve. They were supposed to send a new sim with the phone, which they didn’t, so after numerous calls they told me they cannot send a sim out but to go buy one and they would reimburse. 

They also told me once i had the new sim, to put it in the phone and un suspend the phone and change the sim number. According to their site, the un suspending should take around 15 mins. Almost 24 hours later and it still displays that the phone is suspended and it won’t allow me to change the sim number. I had a call back scheduled for 10.30 today, at 11.10 i got the call, pressed 1 to speak to an agent and nothing. Phone just went quiet, i hung on for over 10 mins before hanging up, went to reschedule the call back and now its tomorrow at 11am.  This company is so infuriating with the stupid call back system, would be much better to have an online chat feature. Is there a way to have an agent call me back today?

4 replies

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never mind. i contacted Telus who called me back and put me through directly to a koodo agent who helped out. If telus wern’t so expensive, i would change providers. i will be looking at changing over as i am sick to death of koods crappy call back system

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Glad to hear this worked out. I was just about to flag a rep until I saw this message. 

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They need to sort out their crappy call back service and replace with a live agent chat

I will also be looking to switch.

I waited for the callback last week - since I couldn’t actually get bot to answer my issues. Waited an hour past the “be ready withing 30 minutes of your callback time”-or-else message before someone actually called. She was very helpful: 😃 got all my questions answered, got a new and improved plans for both of us, got my son separated to his own account. Asked her how he would log in to his account. She  sets up his account with his own email and sent him a welcome email. She says there is some issue with him still being linked with me and she will discuss it with someone - I can wait, or she can call back when it’s resolved. Our conversation has been going on for nearly 40 minutes now and they called an hour after I had set aside the time, so (with reservations) I ask her to call back.

So, all good, yes? NO. She calls back while I am driving so it goes to voicemail. The message from her says she “tried to link it back. She was able to upgrade the email to his account. Once he gets it, he can set up an set up a self serve account.” This is 12:01 pm Thursday; I get an email from Koodo at 12:12 “We’ve noticed that when you activated your Koodo phone, you provided the same email address that you use to access another Koodo account. Schedule a call back now at koodo.com/chat so that one of our reps can link your accounts for you to access it in no time!”   SUCCESS 😀

I ask my son 3 days later if he has set up his self-serve account. . . . . Nope; He doesn’t have an email from Koodo.  I go to check my account. 😯  My son is back on my account. I still have the upgrades she gave me but he is back on his old, higher plan. Well rats, but I can just get it sorted out, right? Nope. It is the weekend, but Koodo doesn’t have a rep I can talk to anyway, so I go through the phone app online bs of booking a callback. Quite a few “conversations” with the bot later, it finally figures out I want a callback and begins to schedule it. Easy-peasy. Except when I click on the time for the call back, it doesn’t give me any options, it just books it for a random time. This time is not only when I am at work, but when my son is at work. Having decided that maybe he needs to be present to make sure everything works this time, I  cancel the callback.

Maybe if I rebook it on the computer, not my phone, it will give me some options to set a good time for both of us. Bot will not reschedule my callback. “I'm sorry, but I wasn't able to reschedule your callback. Remember that we'll call you within 30 mins of the original time you selected.” The time that doesn’t work. 

Cannot get a real person. Waiting THREE DAYS  to talk to someone, that I can’t talk to because I am at work and then rebooking on the fourth day for a callback for ANOTHER THREE DAYS LATER when I am free seem unreasonable. All I wanted was for my son to be removed from my account and have his own. I pay on time. I almost never need help. This is a breaking point for me that I cannot get to talk to a person within 24 hours.