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  • 19 November 2021
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Lets talk about Koodo’s virtual assist and how bad it is.

Koodo, why do you not give customers the option to wait on hold if they would like? I am trying to set-up my sim card and the self serve platform is malfunctioning. Due to this I now have to wait until tomorrow until at least noon to receive some type of assistance???? This is bonkers! Advertising that “80% of customers dont need to speak to an operator and can be serviced by the (horrible) self-help assist” is great, so long as you don’t fall into the 20% that needs an operator every time they call in.


Once upon a time, Koodo set the standard for incredible customer service. They had an app for every mobile operating system, allowed one to speak to an operator or deal with an automated machine, and didn't make people wait over 24 hours for service that is deemed essential to owning  a cell phone. I am very disappointed in koodos efforts at streamlining as the directly affect the end user poorly.

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