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Keeping track of data usage when Koodo self serve gives me two wildly different readings on the same page

  • 6 September 2014
  • 3 replies

I'm new to Koodo and trying to keep an eye on my data usage. Here at self serve it says I've used 23mb in one place and on the same page says I've used 181mb! My phone gives a different reading and the Koodo app is different again! Do I just have to wait for the bill to see how much data I'm being charged for?

3 replies

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I don't know why you are seeing more then 1 reading, on my self serve it is pretty clear!

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Did you just change your plan?
Yes. Apparently so. I didn't realize I was still the main contact on my daughter's account so when I decided to go with Koodo myself they combined both numbers under my name. She has changed her number to her name now but that might be the cause of the confusion. I guess I'll wait till I get a bill. Thanks!