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  • 1 October 2021
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If I send out text message to someone then cancelled it, would it go out to all my contacts? Someone said they all got that message, But, I hit the cancelled button, how could that happen? 

5 replies

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If you sent a group text to a bunch of people it may not have been canceled in time. 

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If you send it to one person (someone) then cancelled it it wouldn’t make any sense for it to send to all your contacts 

I typed out the text, I decided not to send it out,  did not send it, I cancelled  it  so far few ppl have made  comment on that text, I now know what to do when I  send out a text then decide to cancelled it I take out person name first then cancelled text, 

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So it was not sent? Was this via iMessage? Was the text you canceled shown as blue or green? 


This is with the iPhone messaging app? 

I need to rephrase that, I typed text out to someone, then “  X “  out but they got it somehow,