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International texts to UK not working

My husband is in Canada on a Koodo Canada-Wide plan, prepaid. I'm in the UK with O2. When my husband was there in June he was on the same prepaid plan, and texts came through to my phone without an issue. He's there again now, and no text will come through to my phone, though it does work to other UK numbers. He's tried all permutations of my number - 0114475..., +4475..., 004475..., and nothing has arrived on my phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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Does it say it failed while sending? If not it looks like they are getting stuck. What happens if you text your husband, does he receive it? You will have to give Koodo a call and get tech support to investigate 1-647-788-4337 while in the UK
His phone looks like it's sent, but nothing comes through on my phone. He can text other UK numbers and those work fine, it's only mine giving him an issue. I can text him and he receives them just fine. I'll have him give Koodo a call. Thanks for responding.