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I travel to the US quite frequently and always need to call Koodo to turn off my text messages if I don't wish to be charged. I propose that when Koodo sends the US Roaming text message, they should include an option from the phone itself to turn off receiving further text messages until I want to reactivate them. 

This will make things a lot more convenient. 


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Hi Ankur, Koodo changed their US roaming rates back on August 28th. You can now receive texts while in the US with no added charge, they charge only for outgoing messages at a rate of $5/100 text messages. I've provided a link for further information in regards to roaming rates. http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-... Hope that helps 🙂
If you travel to the US that much, either look into what Daniel said above or simple switch to a better plan.