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Identity Verification text code

  • 19 November 2021
  • 6 replies

I am a Koodo customer and am ordering a SIM card from Koodo in order to transfer my two mobile phone to Koodo. My order is at the page where I am asked to verify my identity by entering a code which will be sent to me. The problem is the only phone I have with Koodo is a landline and cannot receive text messages. I cannot change the number the text will be sent to so I am stuck. There must be a solution to this problem. Help please. Thanks.

6 replies

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Does it give the option to send to an email? 


Are you able to take the sim out of your WirelessHome Phone hub and put it in your cell (just make sure data is off an you don't send any texts) 

No option is given for email.

Not sure I want to try removing my SIM from my landline phone.

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In that case let me flag a rep for you 

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Hello! We’ve just sent you a private message in regards to this.

Julia - Thank you - a private message to where? I am not on Facebook and logged on to this community thru Koodo.

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Hi @J. Wayne Smith 


We’ve sent the PM via community, you can check it out under your community profile → Private messages.