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I've changed my plan through selve serve but the change isn't reported after a day. Should I resubmit the change request?

Yesterday I changed my plan through self serve, but my account details still reflect my old plan. Is there a way to verify that the change actually happened? Should I just submit the change request again?

I'm changing plans because I need to bump up limits, so if I need to wait a few days to find out if the change was effective or not, I run the risk of incurring overage charges. So if I can figure out that the change didn't take, I'd like to expedite the change sooner rather than later.


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Usually changes happen right away. Try checking using a different browser or clear you cache and cookies in your current browser and try looking again.
Thanks Chad. I went ahead and resubmitted the change plan request, and this time it seems to have taken effect (pretty much immediately too!). I'm not quite sure why it didn't take the first time around, but I seem to be good to go now. My self serve information is as it should be.
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Great! Glad I could help.