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I signed up for the $40 plan but my bill is saying $52?????

I'm just wondering why my bill is $52 + tax when i signed up for a $40 plan??

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You likely got a prorated charge. It should show on page 3 of your bill. You paid for the first full month of a billing cycle plus the first partial month to line up your service with your billing cycle. 12 out of 40 dollars comes to 9 days you paid for on top of the full month. This of course assumes no overages charges or tab. Your bill will show 40 after your first and you were not overcharged.
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See this link for a video explanation.
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basically you get a partial charge for the remaining of the billing period from the time you sign up and plus your regular charges for the following month.  Don't worry, first bill is always higher.  The following bill cycle should be 40 plus tax.
Ok. Thank you!