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I selected the $40 plan (500MB/500 minutes) but only got 300 MB/300 minutes. Why?

I just selected the $40/month plan which was advertised as 500 MB/500 minutes.  The confirmation I received from Koodo shows I will only receive 300 MB/300 minutes. Why?

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Were you changing plans midway through a billing cycle? If so you will only receive a portion of your data and minute for the month. This is called proration. If this is the case then next month you will recieve the full 500MB/500min.
By the sounds of it you are 12 days into your billing cycle so you are recieving 18 days of the new plan.
500MB/30days = 16.66MB/day
16.66MB/day x 18 days = 300MB
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Let us take a look at this Dean - I'm seeing what you mean. Will investigate and let you know why it's appearing this way. Hang tight. 

@Allan - great guess, but it doesn't look to be a pro-ration related issue. 
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Hey Dean! The reason why you got the 300mb and 300mn plan is because you are on the old Tab system and can only select a plan available for the old Tab. The plans advertised on our website are for customers that are on the new Tab system (since April 2015).  Since you don't have a Tab, you are free to select the updated $40 plan; however, you will lose your 10% discount as this discount is attached to the old Tab system that we had.  The plans available right now already reflect the savings that a customer with no Tab would get.  You would need to contact us to put you on the new Tab system if you want the new $40 plan.  Send us a message on Facebook and we will be happy to assist you further! 
Thank you for the answer to my question.