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I registerd but it says administrator needs to approve my account?? How long does that take??

I registered yesterday and whenever I go to log on it won't let me and says an administrator needs to approve it, I'd like to pay my bill but...

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I think that it was probably set up as account manager and not account owner and this is why it is asking for an administrator. I suggest calling customer service and making sure that it is set up on their end. Best way to do it is to set it up on a computer. CS can make sure that it is set up and that you can login while they are on the phone, so you do not have to call back in. My suggestion is to log out and then log back in so you know your account works fine.
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Hi Morgan, It usually doesn't need any administrator approval to access your online account. You simply goto koodomobile.com and register yourself there. But if you are getring this error then I would suggest you to call in koodo customer service once at 1866-995-6636 and see what needs to be done.