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I have tried several times to register for a self serve account without success. Isn't there a phone number I can call?

Want a contact number to call because I can't register for self serve account

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Hi Sheila,

You can call *611 using your Koodo phone or 1 (866) 995-6636  to contact Koodo and get assistance in creating your self serve account.
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The best way to do it is to make sure that you are near your computer (instead of using your cell phone to set up the self serve account) when you make the call. Koodo would send you a link to follow, and then they are also able to confirm that it is set up once you have set it up with your information....it is easier to make one call then try setting it up, hanging up with customer service, finding it has not set up, having to call back, etc.... This gives you confirmation from both your computer and their systems at the same time.