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I have 2 cell phones, how to make them into one account number so that I can have unlimited family call. Thanks.

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Mayumi 1 year ago Login to self service and go to my profile. Then click "Link Another Account to This One" Hope it helps. 🙂 Curtules 1 year ago If you want the new line attached to the same account so they all appear on the same bill you can contact customer service to move the new line to the original account. In order to do this the new account must be in the same name as the original. If this is not the case there can be a transfer of ownership done first. For both of these services you are usually charged $25 each, but if this is due to an employee error you will likely be creditted.
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Actually, I believe that it is just $25 for one of them. Also, if you are moving somebody else to your account, you cannot have a spending limit of $200 - for these type of accounts, Koodo has set up that it is one phone per account. If you are doing a transfer of ownership (because the accounts have different names) then all that needs to be done, when they ask for the BAN (billing account number), you just have to enter the account number that the second phone is going to be on.