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I cant access my account and the email I used for the account I can no longer access as well. how do I get access to my account otherwise?

I want to access my account but cant rememeber my password. but I also don't have my username/email account anymore as I had to change it for personal reasons. I am wondering if I can reset my account and set it all up again so that I may use the self serve? and if I can how do I do that?

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If you forgot your email/username, you can use this link https://secure.koodomobile.com/account/ForgotUsername.portal If you have difficulty resetting your self serve account, you can call Koodo at 1-866-995-6636 from any phone or you can dial *611 from your Koodo phone .
Site is so not user friendly, i work days and cant access my account. your advice is dry and boring and not helpful at all. obviously i tried the forgotten password.