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I can't download alcatelonetouch center on my computer (ALCATEL ONE TOUCH POP C7 7041D).

I can't download alcatel onetouch center on my computer. Another problem I have is with the SD card, there is an error message saying the SD card is full. What can I do to clear it. I have deleted all my photos.

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You can reformat the SD card as it's most likely an error with it. That will solve the problem of SD. As for the downloading the alcatel software I'm of sure. Maybe there's a help section on their webpage ?
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Hi Mohamed, The link that was provided in the other post appears to have changed. Here's the new link: http://www.alcatelonetouch.com/global-en/support/product?id=334&model=POP%20C7 Downloading the Mobile Upgrade may correct the issue with the SD card reporting as full. If not, format the SD card using Android's SD card format utility. This can be found under Settings > Storage > Erase/Format SD card. The Smart Suite software is also available for download on this page.