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I am trying to activate my SIM card, get the following message "You're still waiting to be approved"

I just bought a SIM card (came in mail today) and its on a monthly plan.  I called Koodo customer service multiple times, none of the guys had a clue.

Asked me to go to a shop - why would I go to a shop when I have done everything online already.  Just let me activate the SIM and get going???

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You bought only SIM?  
Do you already have an account with Koodo?  If so, you just need to login to selfserve and activate it.

What do you mean "...I have done everything online already."?  What have you done?
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The "You're still waiting to be approved" message usually happens when two email addresses are associated with an account somehow. The first email address is the Owner / Administrator of the account, and must approve subsequent email addresses (other people) as managers for the account. Seems like you may have created an account (possibly in the  near or distant past), and then attempted to access the account with a different email address.

A quick PM to Koodo's Facebook page, or a DM to their Twitter account should clear things up without spending more time on the phone. Send a message linking to this post, and they should be able to fix things in short order.