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I am locked out of my Koodo account

I can’t seem to get an email sent to my email to get into my Koodo account?

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I also am unable to use my phone at this time.

and when I try to make a call it says I need to call *611 but you can’t talk to a person at this time

I have also sent many “new email password “ messages and then the last time I send one to my email address it said I was not in the system??


but I have proof on my phone I alway have used the same email so why hasn’t it emailed me my new password?

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Are you a prepaid or postpaid customer? When was the last time you can make/receive calls? Was your line suspended? 

I assumed you asked about the reset password of your account. I would suggest you check if the email was in the junk/spam folder. 

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Were you able to login to self serve successfully in the past?