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How to Pause Data as Punishment for Teens

  • 16 September 2020
  • 3 replies

I want the option to suspend service to my child’s phone temporarily as a form of punishment. Is there a way I can cut off data usage using self serve? I don’t need billing to be impacted, just the ability to keep my child from using data at certain times.


if there is a way to do this apart from Koodo (like with iPhone settings) I’m open to that too.


 Thank you!

3 replies

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You can add a ‘Data Block’ add-on that will cost you $3/month. You can also disable ‘Mobile data’ at the phone setting (but it can be reversed by a tech savvy teen

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If you login to self serve and check data usage, you can see " change data settings".  Then you will see "Permission". You can select NO to purchase extra data when it reached to her/his limit.   But, you can't control their data usage up until then.

I have 2 kids and I faced same issue with you.  I have used few differen method to give them punishment - not able to use their phone, but those tricks are no longer available because of the system through self serve changed.

Other thing I did was took their phone away. Oh yes, they hated that. But, I didn't let them go outside without leaving their phone.   I also cut their allowance and lunch money.

I posted an idea long time ago to add "Discipline" to suspend phone service. So, we don't need worry about to get your phone  blacklisted.  But it didn't get implement.

Data block could be good idea, but it will cost you $3/mo. And kids can still access internet when WIFI is available.  

Thank you both for the helpful info!!! It would be great if this was a free self serve option for parents but at least there’s an add-on. I wasn’t aware of that.


I’ll probably stick to physically taking away the phone for now - cheaper and eliminates wifi usage - but it is certainly good to know that the option exists!!


 Thanks again and good luck!!! Parents these days need it! 😉