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How To Create A Self Serve Account

For those that may not be up to speed on how to create one: Self Serve Registeration Steps: 1: Go to www.koodomobile.com/selfserve 2: On the right hand side of the log in page, there is a registeration button, click it. 3: Enter in First name, Last name and Koodo Mobile Number 3a: If you have a Customer Care agent enter the email address for you, you will receive an email with a link that will take you to the second step. This will have you enter in the security pin. 4: Create a password. Minimum of 6 characters(can be combination of letters and numbers) with 1 number. 5: Select which language you wish for login notifications. 6: Select/setup a security question and answer. 7: Click on the box to agree to the Koodo Mobile Privacy Policy. 8: If you did the registeration normally without Customer Care assistance, you will receive a validation email to validate the email address. This may require you to enter in the security pin.

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Thanks Adam 🙂 That'll be useful 😃