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How to confirm my plan was changed for next month?

Wonderful experience with Koodo for the last ~6 years! Just changed my plan and my phone number. I am unsure if my plan actually got changed... (I had it in my self-serve shopping cart and then it disappeared, I did not hit any final order buttons.) Is there any way to see if my plan was changed?

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If you didn't hit any final order buttons, it's probably 45000 feet above the Cloud right now. Sign in to your self-serve and go though the motions again. You will see what the current active plan is. It does not take 24-48 hours for changes to show up... it's instant. I really wish the site updates would be done and over with (now over 69 days and still stumbling). We used to brag about good service here.
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Hey Dan! Did you log back in and noticed if your plan was changed? Keep us posted!
Hello. So the end of the story is as follows: I was unable to tell if my plan was changed online. I suspect it was not as I could put the new plan in my cart, but then the only options were "pick a phone" and "clear order". Since I did not want a new phone, I would click around trying to get around this and eventually log out and when I logged back in my cart would be empty and my details on my plan would be unchanged. So I went to a Koodo kiosk and they said they were unable to help to change my plan. Then I called *611 and they were able to help in seconds. TL;DR - Unable to change plan self serve without purchasing a new phone. Unable to change plan in store. Able to change plan easily through *611.
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You were poking in the wrong neck of the woods. That top line of tabs for phones and plans is for new customers. Across the middle of the page, once you are signed in to self-serve, are other options for your account. That's your area to make changes. This is the second time today this gets pointed out to unsuspecting clients. Hope someone at the mothership is paying attention.