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How to Activate Koodo Upgrade Offer

Hi, a rep gave me a $50 credit towards upgrading a phone. I received the confirmation email but when I log in I don't see anything about the credit. How am I supposed to know if it is applied? Where would I see it? The rep made it sound like it would automatyically be applied to my tab but when looking at phones online I don't see any difference in the prices.


Best answer by Dennis 23 December 2018, 04:41

I would compare carefully between logged in and not for 1 specific phone just to be sure

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Are you checking when not logged in and when logged in?
You mean to compare? Ya I've tried that. Its a little confusing with all the different credits being aplied though. But I've looked at some of the phones I was eyeing before and I don't see any change.

If nothing else i would think any $0 med tab phone would be 310 instead of 360 on the tab but it's not. I also tried changing to small tab with upfront cost but the upfront cost shows $120, and I would think it would show $70 if a credit is being applied
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I would compare carefully between logged in and not for 1 specific phone just to be sure
Why do i have to compare carefully lol. This is a terrible system, why wouldn't I just see a $50 credit somewhere?
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How many credit types do you have? and are they that "super" hard to compare without/with loggin?
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I'm in the same boat. I was given a $50 credit for upgrading, and the email says "Get $50 off ANY new phone when you upgrade with a Tab".

The email states: "You can activate this offer by going online and logging on to Koodo Self Serve." but there doesn't appear to be any way to actually activate anything, and shopping for a phone through the webstore, and adding to the cart doesn't show any $50 credit either. I have compared at least 5 or six different phones, and none of them show any difference in the listed price for any tab level for logged in versus not logged in.
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Did they give you a promo code in the email that you have to enter when ordering online?


If there wasn't one then I guess you're going to have to contact Koodo and ask how to get the credit. You can request a callback through the assistant or send them a message through Facebook or Twitter.