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How long is my contract? Cant access my koodoo self serve app

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Koodo App is currently being upgraded and prepaid is under going maintenance. Also ppl in this Comunity are not Employees and have no access to your account. Monthly accounts is still up and running.
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Hi Heather,

Technically, there are no contracts with Koodo, just the Tab. Tab's are also designed to be cleared 24 months after first started, so if you got your phone last year, you still have a year to go! You won't see an exact amount of months remaining, just the balance owing on your tab. You can divide that by your monthly tab contribution/charge to get a better idea as to when the tab will reach zero.
what happens at the end of two years?

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Then you start building a positive TAB balance that can be put towards a new device on the TAB.   Depending on whether you are on new or old TAB system.
Also once your TAB is paid off and reaches zero, You own your phone.